Converter MDB
mdbToPC is a converter for connecting a PAX D200 POS terminal to a vending machine, which will allow you to accept payments for goods and services using bank cards. The converter allows you to integrate the banking equipment for accepting payments with the controller of the vending machine and, accordingly, expand its payment options for your customers.

You can connect to the mdbToPC vending machine not only via the MDB interface.
    The converter can also be connected:
  • via the EXE interface;
  • via RS-232 interface (including TTL);
  • via RS-485 interface;
  • via the PULS interface.
The converter software fully provides all the logic of work as part of the vending machine. The mdbToPC microcontroller ensures correct processing of all requests from the vending machine, with strict adherence to timings in accordance with the protocol specification.
Converter power supply: 7.5-45V DC
Protection grade: IP54
Memory: non-volatile
Dimensions: 70Х50Х20
Air temperature: -20 ° С - + 55 ° С
Magnet on the wall of the device for secure attachment to the wall of the machine
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