Vendoscope is a cloud-based telemetry system for vending machines, which allows real-time monitoring of equipment according to various indicators.

The Vendoscope is unique in its capabilities:

Flexible data filtering system:
  • by model
  • by the set of ingredients
  • by location
  • any other way
Information is safe
Access to the Vendoscope service using two-factor authentication. I entered my username, password, received a notification on my phone, went to Vendoscope.

Vendoscope is self-sufficient
Interactive charts and tables in your personal account
Artificial intelligence analyzes previously collected statistics:

The Vendoscope informs the operators when it is necessary to carry out maintenance and does not direct them to the machine again:
  • save time
  • save fuel
  • we minimize downtime
    Monitoring in real time in your personal account
    The Vendoscope notifies you:
    • on sales and cash balances
    • about breakdowns, up to a specific element of the machine
    • lack of ingredients
    • about power off
    • about shaking and moving the machine
    • about violations of the frequency of service
    Notifications arrive to the operator earlier than the client notices.
    The Vendoscope will plot the operator's route for the fastest possible adjustment of the machine.
    10 kinds of interface access level:
    • Administrator
    • Landlord
    • Accountant
    • Chief Accountant
    • Manager
    • Head of Development Department
    • Head of Service Department
    • Operator
    • Supervisor
    • Technician
    • Modem - consolidates data about the device and transmits it to the server
    • Personal account - allows the user to see in an adapted form information about all devices, their condition and needs.
    Internet access is required for data transfer (purchase of a SIM card):
    • via GPRS;
    • via Ethernet (optional)
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