Terminal for acquiring Vendista
Terminal for accepting payments from contactless bank cards with vending machines.

● snack and coffee machines
● table coffee machines
● self-service kiosks
● street vending machines
● tips, charity

● works from its own SIM-card, the set includes a multi-SIM-card with a tariff of 40 rubles / month.
● sending data on sales, transactions and the amount of change, the state of machines to the Telemetron personal account
● automatic refund of payment to the card if the goods have not been issued
The package includes:

● Wendista terminal
● multi-operator SIM card
● MDB connection cable
Power supply: 5 - 40V
Interfaces: MDB, UART, GSM 2G, NFC
LCD: 2.4 ", 240 x 320
Antennas: built-in GSM, built-in NFC, external GSM (optional)
Battery: 350 mAh
Time of the payment transaction: 2 - 5 seconds (depending on the quality of the GSM signal)
Dimensions: 84 mm x 84 mm x 20 mm
Beeper: 3 kHz
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