Coffee machine BLUETEC G23
The Jofemar Bluetec G23 coffee machine is a modern, high-quality and efficient European-made vending machine. Easy to maintain and convenient to use for any category of clients. The graceful appearance of glass and steel allows the machine to fit well into even the most sophisticated interior! #Nbsp;

Hardware documentation:

Advantages of the Jofemar G23 coffee machine
  • The coffee machine is set up and ready to work. # Nbsp; Payment systems and telemetry are connected and configured. A standard set of coffees has been programmed.
  • Jofemar # nbsp; the only vending machine # nbsp; on the market, which automatically adjusts the pressure of the pump in the boiler (15 bar) to prepare the richest and most delicious coffee.
  • Automatic adjustment of the grinding of coffee beans. # Nbsp; Only once in the menu, the grinding and dosage parameters of the drink are adjusted, and in the future the machine itself adjusts the settings of the coffee grinder and mixer to the reference values.
  • Automatic flushing. # Nbsp; If not a single drink has been purchased within an hour, the vending machine itself flushes the entire system (coffee grinder, mixers, dispensing circuit) in order to avoid the remaining drink from drying on the walls.
  • Constant boiler temperature control. # Nbsp; Aluminum boiler with built-in temperature sensor and heating element. The absence of contact with water eliminates the need for O-rings and prevents the build-up of limescale on the elements.
  • Maintenance and setup of the coffee machine does not require any special skills from the owner.
  • Service support # nbsp; is located in Russia. Our specialists provide customers with qualified support, help to install payment modules and train to service the vending machine.
  • The coffee grounds container is sufficient for 150 coffees.
  • The capacity of the containers is sufficient for preparing 200 drinks.
  • Adjustable beverage volume from 100 ml to 350 ml
  • Large LCD display showing machine status and program messages.
  • Ultra bright touchpad with 11 buttons.
  • Fast and convenient label change.
  • Possibility to order only water (without going through a mixer).
  • Flexible configuration and convenient programming, you can create up to 10 drinks with 1 preset.
  • Ready to install telemetry, including remote capture of sales data, errors and changes in software options.
  • Accounting and management of sales data, and data output via RS-232-C. The device can also be programmed via the Jofemar electronic terminal.
  • Continuous operational self-diagnosis.
  • Self-cleaning of the mixer circuit, beverage dispensing and coffee grinder, manually or automatically.
  • Water distributor without solenoid valves.
  • Safety valve in the ultrasonic inspection.
  • Supply voltage: 220 or 110 V.
  • Water supply options: Central water supply ¼ "(pressure 0.5-10 bar); autonomous system.
  • Payment systems with the ability to be installed in a pedestal stand: coin acceptor with validator, card reader, banknote acceptor.
  • Devices are flashed with the latest software version with activated MDB bus
  • Two-point door lock.
    • Coffee machine Bluetec G23
    • Autonomous water supply system (pump)
    • Fiscalization and telemetry VendoScope
    Dimensions (edit):
    Width: 410 мм
    Depth: 450 мм
    Height: 740 мм
    Weight: 45 кг
    Coffee beans: 1700 г
    Dry cream: 1800 г
    Cappuccino / Moca: 900 г
    Chocolate / Topping: 900 г
    Controls: Sensor
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